A Slice of Lime

Welcome to Lime Design Studio, where ideas are shared and realized.  With the world wide web at your fingertips, we are ecstatic you have stumbled upon our little space!  Passionate about interior design and architecture, this is our way to share with clients, blog readers, DIYers, etc. what we know, learned, and experienced in growing our interior design business here in Vancouver, Canada.  It’s a big world out there but this is our slice…honest, sweet, sour, and bitter (hopefully not too bitter).  We look forward to your feedback and hope you will have a bit of fun with our fresh take on live-work-play.

About Mikiko Fukamachi

Born & raised in Vancouver, Mikiko's passion in life became clear as she grew up constantly shuffling furniture around in her parent's house. With this energy, she completed the Advanced Diploma Program in Interior Design at BCIT and worked professionally for an interior design firm and a general contracting company. Mikiko's design philosophy is to bridge that connection between people & their environment by creating a space that is inspiring and personalized yet functional and practical.

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