Recently Completed Healthcare Project – Physio Room…Stay Strong!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently completed a physiotherapy clinic called Physio Room located on Main and 18th in Vancouver. It was an ideal location with approximately 1600 sq ft, lots of natural light, great corner appeal and plenty of free parking…because we know how hard that is now lately!

The space was previously occupied by a record store with an open floor concept and so I had the challenge of trying to squeeze in as many patient rooms as possible for the new space.  We were able to fit 4 patient rooms and a spacious gym area with 4 open patient beds with curtains for privacy so it worked out just great!

When you first walk into the clinic, you will see the amazing wavy Modular Art panels on the back wall behind the reception desk with their innovative logo mounted right on it. For the reception & kitchen millwork, we went with high gloss white and beautiful grey quartz countertop for reception and white corian for the kitchen. We also added splashes of orange paint in specific locations throughout the clinic to incorporate Physio Room’s logo colors.  As you walk past the reception area, you will automatically notice the funky “S” curved bulkhead which is mirrored on the gym flooring. I had to find a creative solution to somehow separate the black rubber gym flooring from the rest of the space and this was the best design decision! I’m really happy with how it turned out and I love the modern feel of the clinic considering some physio clinics can look quite outdated.  Don’t forget to check out more photos of Physio Room posted on the Gallery page.

Physio Room is now open and ready for business so make sure to get in touch with them if you or anybody you know requires physiotherapy or to simply get a nice relaxing massage from their registered massage therapist. They also hold educational workshops and I really like this approach because it simply shows that they care about the community and they are willing to spend the extra time to educate and inform you about things that you may not know about your body. I can sincerely tell you through working with them very closely for the past couple of months that they are genuine and they will help you in any way they possibly can. Here’s a link to their website for more info –

About Mikiko Fukamachi

Born & raised in Vancouver, Mikiko's passion in life became clear as she grew up constantly shuffling furniture around in her parent's house. With this energy, she completed the Advanced Diploma Program in Interior Design at BCIT and worked professionally for an interior design firm and a general contracting company. Mikiko's design philosophy is to bridge that connection between people & their environment by creating a space that is inspiring and personalized yet functional and practical.

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